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The Om-Work Project® Scholarship Program

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In 2012 Nicole McLellan was registered and began her formal training in hatha yoga instruction with Breathing Space Yoga Studio, with the simple hope of teaching yoga in schools. In Nova Scotia, Canada, Yoga 11 has found it’s way into the government regulated public school curriculum. Little did she know, this nine month training would forever shape her perspective and belief that yoga principles and practices are essential building blocks to support a healthy body, mind and soul, especially and evidently in youth. Nicole graduated her Registered Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT) in May 2013, and embarked on her first experience as a full time public school teacher in Northern Alberta, having a grade 7 classroom. Nicole applied all of the knowledge and love that she learned in her yoga training to her everyday teaching instruction in her classroom. 
While being immersed in her YTT, Nicole was often told by other women in the sessions, that they wished they were given this gift at such a young age (mid 20’s); Nicole carried that notion into her classroom, ‘that giving the knowledge and wisdom of yoga’ to teenage girls could be profoundly life changing.

This got the wheels turning.

Nicole often thought about how if she had the means, she would send teenage girls off to complete their RYTT, so that they too, could spread this gift of self-love, nurturing, and light to those around them AND allow them to travel the world embarking on adventure and experiencing new cultures.

Completing a yoga teacher training doesn’t mean you have to go teach yoga. It means you’ve changed, for the better. You’ve been given a gift that needs to be shared with those around you.
– Nicole McLellan

Nicole dreams of sending 100’s of girls and young women off to complete their training, in a desired destination of their choice, and then watching the ripple effect proceed afterwards.

If one girl each year, was gifted this opportunity, she too would touch the lives of thousands. It could be the one of the most positive chain reaction of events.
– Nicole McLellan

So with this core desired feeling in mind, Nicole set out to start the positive revolution.

She left Canada and moved to Australia where she focused on putting her love of yoga and youth into words and completed her first book “I Did Something Different… And It Worked”.


Nicole decided that with the profits from her book she could finally start a savings fund to create her scholarship. 25% of all book sales, and a percentage of earnings she receives from teaching yoga classes are put into a fund with the hopes of having her first application process and participant(s) in the spring of 2018.

And the saying “she believed she could, so she did” became her reality. 
Nicole registered “The Om-Work Project®” in June 2017.

What does the “The Om Work Project®” look like?

Step 1: Application Process

Step 2: Choosing a program of choice, in one of the countries listed on the application process.

Step 3: Upon graduation of high school, selected applicant(s) will have a return ticket to desired destination of their choice and complete packaging of lodging, food and yoga training covered by the scholarship fund.

Step 4: Once applicant(s) graduate with their 200hrRYT certificate, Nicole will create a page to stay informed for: followers, charities and those who have donated or wish to continue seeing the journey of the chosen applicants ripple onto others. This will be a space for the girls to share about their experience, and how they wish to give back to the world. It is essentially a project dedicated to paying it forward.

How can you get involved?

If you’re looking to be a part of the paying it forward project, you can donate four ways.


Donating online via PayPal.If you wish to remain a silent, secret helper, your name and contribution amount will not be posted to the Nicole McLellan website for the public to see. However, if you were choosing to remain anonymous, we would still like to pass your name along to the chosen participant(s) so that they can thank you upon being selected. Receipts for tax purposes will be mailed/emailed out after receiving payment.


The second way you personally, or your business can contribute to this incredible program is to make a donation and publicly allow your name or business name to be advertised. Advertising of donors will be posted on various social media platforms organized by Nicole McLellan, such as her Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, as well as on the section of her website which features all live and up to date events happening with “The Om-Work Project”. Companies or individuals who choose to donate publicly will also have their contact information passed along to selected applicants so that they can receive a letter of thanks.

*Receipts for tax purposes will be mailed/emailed out after receiving payment.


By Purchasing Nicole’s first book “I Did Something Different…And It Worked” you will be donating 25% of your book cost to “The Om-Work Project”, plus you’ll be receiving a really great read 😉

*Receipts are not given to those who purchase the book unless they’ve purchased through an online platform such as: Amazon, iBook, Kindle, Lulu, Barnes & Noble. In person purchases will not include receipt.


Having Nicole come into your workplace to share a yoga workshop or yoga class with you and your employees will be contributing in many ways:

  • You’ll discover a new sense of team bonding with your employees and colleagues.
  • You’ll get to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga experience, which can be personally catered to meet the needs and desires of those attending the class or workshops.
  • You will be contributing to the scholarship, as Nicole donates half of her earnings from teaching yoga to the scholarship fund.

*Receipts for yoga workshop will be given after payment is made.

Application requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older by June 2018
  • Must have a valid passport that will not expire in before December 2018
  • Must have completed high school
  • Must be a resident of North America
  • Must have completed entire application process and contacted Nicole directly via email or Facebook afterwards to confirm final application process.
  • Must be open and willing to travelling alone to another country
  • Must meet visa requirements for destination of choice

(Nicole will walk you though this whole process if you’re unsure)

Application Process:

Please click to download the application form and email it to Nicole via once complete.

All applicants will be invited to a private Facebook group where we can collaborate and talk about our goals and dreams of travelling, yoga and inspiring others.

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